T.CAbello, J.R. Gallego, E. Vila, A. Soler, M. del Pino, A. Carnero, E. Hernández-Suarez, A. Polaszek

Biological control of Tuta absoluta whith Trichogramma achaeae on tomato greenhouse of Spain

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The egg parasitoid Trichogramma acahaeae has been identified as a candidate for biological control of the south American Tomato Pinworn, Tuta absoluta. On laboratory conditions a marginal attack rate of 100 % was found and 83,3 % of the parasitized eggs developed until the blackhead stage (apparent parasitatism). On greenhouse conditions a high efficacy (91,74 % of damage reduction) was obtained when releasing 38 adults / plant (=75 adults/m2) every 3-4 days on August and September of 2008. This shows that this parasitoid can be a good weapon to control T. absoluta on greenhouse of the suotheast of Spain